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    Online Parenting Class for Longview, Washington

    Our Positive Parenting Course 101 provides access to the Parenting Seminar, which may be a court-ordered parenting class required in the state of Washington for parents that are seeking a divorce according to Rule 17 under Chapters 26.09, 26.10, and 26.26 of the Revised Code of Washington. Our online parenting class has been approved and the certificate is recognized by all Washington courts that allow distance learning. Parenting classes provide meaningful content intended to assist with the transition to single parenting. Our goal is to help develop parenting skills and encourage positive parenting throughout the difficult process of divorce.

    Easy ~  No Hidden Fees ~ Instant Certificate ~ Acceptance Guarantee

    Is Distance Learning (an Online Class) Permitted in my County?

    In some cases the divorce court of a particular county may disallow distance learning, meaning that the Parenting Seminar cannot be taken with an online provider. Below is a listing of all Washington counties. Those represented in red are specifically known to reject certificates from online providers:

    • Adams County
    • Asotin County
    • Benton County
    • Chelan County
    • Clallam County
    • Clark County
    • Columbia County
    • Cowlitz County
    • Douglas County
    • Ferry County
    • Franklin County
    • Garfield County
    • Grant County
    • Grays Harbor County
    • Island County
    • Jefferson County
    • King County
    • Kitsap County
    • Kittitas County
    • Klickitat County
    • Lewis County
    • Lincoln County
    • Mason County
    • Okanogan County
    • Pacific County
    • Pend Oreille County
    • Pierce County
    • San Juan County
    • Skagit County
    • Skamania County
    • Snohomish County
    • Spokane County
    • Stevens County
    • Thurston County
    • Wahkiakum County
    • Walla Walla County
    • Whatcom County
    • Whitman County
    • Yakima County


      Guaranteed 100% Court Acceptance. Nationally Licensed and Certified
    • Two Free Certificates one with raised seal mailed immediately as well as immediate downloaded certificate available and free upon completion
    • Free Copy of Best Selling workbook “Positive Parenting 101”
      by noted best-selling author James A. Baker - mailed immediately but not required to take the online course.
    • Online Parenting Class available 24/7
    • No Hidden Fees/ 100% inclusive of all costs

    "James Baker’s Positive Parenting 101 is the ultimate guidebook providing key strategies and tools to help you and your child throughout the journey. Each lesson will make you a stronger and more resourceful parent and your child will better adjust to their new environment with empowering beliefs and emotions to serve them throughout their lifetime."
    Anthony (Tony) Robbins, Author and Life Coach

    Parenting Programs

    4-Hour Parenting Class


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    12-Hour Parenting Class


    Positive Parenting Institute offers our most comprehensive, nationally accepted and completely online parenting class and parenting courses in Longview, Washington. If you are required to take a parenting or co-parenting course or parenting class Positive Parenting Institute’s Online Parenting Class is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Longview, Washington on the Internet. If you are a single parent, a married couple, or a blended family or if you are going through a divorce our online course will save you time and money.  Participants who complete our course will immediately receive our nationally recognized Certificate of Completion”.

    While we have participants taking our programs throughout many counties and cities in the state of Longview, Washington. Some of the most common areas include: Bessemer, Birmingham, Eutaw, Hartselle, Huntsville, Irvington, Mobile, and Montgomery..

    Court Ordered Positive Parenting Certificate!
    All of our Online Parenting Classes include instant access to your court approved certificate upon completion!

    In today’s fast paced world it is often difficult to attend a high quality parenting class due to busy schedules and other personal demands. Positive Parenting Institute’s online class allows you to engage in and learn the very same parenting skills as you would receive in one of Positive Parenting Institute’s face to face classes except it is available in the comfort of your home. Positive Parenting Institute’s course is often preferred for  court, legal, divorce, separation, mediation and personal growth opportunities.

    Parenting Classes Online and Co-Parenting Courses in Longview, Washington

    Our parenting courses are perfect for all court requirements, all legal requirements and are extremely helpful to improve interpersonal skills while  improving parenting skills. Positive Parenting Institute’s effective parenting skills courses will improve your interpersonal relationships with your children while reinforcing appropriate interpersonal behavior.

    Positive Parenting Institute’s online parent class uses a appropriate educational and interpersonal approaches for better parenting which were developed by Best Selling Author James A. Baker founder of Our parenting programs. workshops and courses are of the highest quality and will guarantee you of a quality learning experience.

    How Positive Parenting Institute’s Longview, Washington Online Parenting Class Really Works

    First, you must register for the parenting course. (Register Here) Once you have registered, you will receive immediate access to our exclusive Member's Only Area. Positive Parenting Institute’s online parenting class is completely self-paced and is available 24/7 from any web browser in Longview, Washington.

    The average course time is four hours. You can logout at any time and then return to complete the course at your leisure. Positive Parenting Institute's Nationally Recognized “Certificate of Completion” is issued and is automatically available once you have completed the online parenting class. You will receive your certificate via the web which you can print from your own computer and a copy of James A. Baker's bestselling book "Positive Parenting 101" from Bayou Publishing which will be mailed to you and will arrive within five business days after signing up for the class. We have NEVER had a self printed certificate refused by any court officer. EVER! We are a legitimate nationally recognized professional training organization.

    Washington: Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma


    Despite a reputation for rain, Seattle is a hotbed of activity in the Pacific Northwest. Located just two hours south of Vancouver, Canada, the city of Seattle is an international port that boasts three professional sports teams, hundreds of restaurants, a myriad of cultural venues and a lifestyle that is unique to the Pacific Northwest. Recreation abounds here, with golfing, skiing, hiking and camping all within close proximity to the city center.


    Tacoma is Pierce County’s major city – and Washington State’s third largest municipality. Located just 18 miles south of the Seattle-Tacoma ("Sea-Tac") International Airport, Tacoma is easily accessible from Interstate 5. The city offers rich historical districts, cultural activities and numerous visitor attractions.


    Situated on 31 miles of rolling landscape between Lakes Washington and Sammamish, with the Cascade Mountain range to the east and the Olympics to the west, Bellevue is a picture postcard of heart-stopping vistas. Bellevue has earned its reputation as an ideal city, a microcosm of the best of the best that people look for in a place to live and work.

    Parenting Classes in Washington

    Seattle, Bellevue, Spokane, Tacoma, and Vancouver